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HIV is a virus that attacks the immune system, our body’s natural defense against illness. If HIV is left untreated, a person’s immune system will get weaker and weaker until it can no longer fight off life-threatening infections and diseases.

What if my test results show that I have HIV?

If you receive an HIV-positive test result, our counsellors will walk you through the next steps. HIV is not fully curable, but it is treatable and the treatments are highly effective.
Caring for those living with HIV is our mission. If you test positive, our knowledgeable staff of will be with you to support you at the stage of confirming the diagnosis of HIV infection and initiating appropriate treatment.

Will I have to answer a lot of personal questions?

We only gather the minimum information necessary and required to evaluate your individual needs, to assist us in providing you with services at the qualitative level. We strive to keep the process as simple.

Who will give me the test?

The test will be administered by a trained and certified HIV testing counsellor.

How long will I have to wait for my results?

You will receive your results before you leave our facility.

How long will the test take?

The actual test time will be 15 minutes.
For rapid tests used at our sites a small drop of blood is needed.
Testing algorithm with the use of a primary test is used, and, in case of a positive result, a confirmatory test is immediately carried out also with use of a rapid test., and, in case of a positive result, a confirmatory test is immediately carried out also with use of a rapid test. If you undergo testing at one of our sites, if you take the test at one of our sites, we guarantee it will be quick and in a quality manner.

What is the cost of HIV testing?

HIV testing is free at all of our sites, as well as at the sites of partner organizations

Why should I get tested?

Knowing your HIV status is the best way to protect your health and the health of your partner. If you are HIV-positive, early diagnosis gives you a high chance to live a healthy, long life. Many who are HIV-positive do not know their status, and could unknowingly infect others. If you are sexually active, get tested.
Testing at our sites is free; it is performed quickly, easily and in a friendly atmosphere.

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